Commercial and Residential Lawn Maintenance: One of the first things people see when they come to your house or business, is your grass. To keep your grass looking well manicured, all of our grass cutting customers will have their grass mowed weekly, edges trimmed, and all hard surfaces cleaned of grass clippings and debris

Aerating: Aerating your lawn is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to make the grass on your side of the fence greener. Core aerating removes plugs of earth out of your lawn, which allows nutrients, moisture and oxygen to penetrate deeper to your lawns root system. By doing this, your lawns roots will grow deeper into the ground, creating a stronger, more drought tolerable lawn. Aerate your lawn at least once per year, ideally in the spring, but the fall works as well too.

Lawn Rolling: Rolling your lawn flattens out the small bumps and holes that plague most lawns. Rolling your lawn will reduce the amount of “ankle breaker” divots, that can also be small breeding ground for mosquito’s. This service is recommended every spring when the ground is soft and wet.

Edging: Edging is one of the services that will make your lawn stand out. Edging your driveway, sidewalks and flower beds, will give you that crisp finished look to your property.

Flower Bed Maintenance: A well maintained flower bed is the finishing touch on any property. Pulling weeds, removing dying plants and shrubs, pruning flowering bushes, and removing debris are the bare essentials to keeping your flower bed a beautiful piece of your property.

Spring/Fall Clean Ups: Clean ups are the first landscaping task in the spring, and the last in the fall. In the spring, they clean up any debris on your property, like old leaves, sticks and garbage. They also include the first lawn cutting of the year to give your lawn a good start to the year. Fall clean ups are very much the same, however the main goal is to remove the fall leaves from your grass.

De-thatching: De-thatching removes the layer of thatch not easily seen below your grass. While thatch is an important part to your lawns health, too much thatch can weaken root structure, and lower oxygen, water, and nutrient levels to your lawns root system. De-thatching is best done in the spring, but can be done in the summer months as well.

Fertilization: Applying granular fertilizer to your lawn can help your lawn in many different ways. However, the wrong fertilizer can severely damage it. By performing a simple soil test, we can come up with a fertilizer plan that will work best for your lawns needs.

Retaining walls: Whether you need a small wall for aesthetics around a tree or flower bed, or a large engineered wall many feet tall, we have the equipment and expertise to make it not only look great, but be safe as well.

Water features: Whether you’re looking for a small fountain for your tranquil space, or a large natural looking koi pond, we can create the feature of your dreams. Your satisfaction is our biggest concern, and we won’t stop until you are smiling from ear to ear.


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